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前言:《招贴中的音乐、杂技和武术》——Christof Gassner
作者: 国际大学生创意培养实验区 来源: 视觉同盟 时间: 2010年2月4日






克里斯妥 • 葛司南

By the first time I came to Beijing was two years ago for the Workshop in CAFA, I was excited have an opportunity to watch Beijing Opera. Beijing Opera is merged many elementary substance, which including dance, acrobatics and Wushu, music and singing, color and rhythm. In graphic design field, I can see similar situation: designers also has a stage, which cloud using various visual express techniques into poster design, such as depot font, typography and handwrite, specific or abstract graphics, color and form, also rhythm and scale.  

In the Workshop in CUC, I met a group of students that own excellent creative potential. They did great works linked Chinese culture, also with enthusiasm and concentration. Meanwhile, the process of exploring was full of fun. We can see it clearly that Professor Wu and Miss Wu Ying have done the groundwork splendidly. In order to make further promotion of educate methods, they found a training mode through the International Students Creative Lab.

Our purpose is focus on Beijing Opera research, to represent the colorful features vividly of this ancient Chinese theatre, which is connected to the modern world and has contrast to it at the same time. To fit the assessment requirement, students had found point of penetration by each one, such as the four roles Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou; process of Beijing Opera’ make-up; comparison actor performance between on the stage and in the real life. Next step, students chose various expressive forms to represent the themes from the multifarious Chinese calligraphy to cartoon, from Constructivism form to Neo-fauvism painting, from traditional Tai Ji symbol to graffiti. I would like to share the final works of two weeks intensive training to everyone, the achievements can be classified with professional design colleges in China even abroad. Now CUC is going on an unhindered road.

In this time, please allow me have great honor to thank CUC President Ding Junjie, Advertising School President Huang Shengmin, especially thanks to Professor Wu Xuefu, who invited me to CUC. And Miss Huang Yingzi, she planed since beginning of this event. And the accompany of Miss Wu Ying and Miss Huang Yingzi through whole process of the Workshop, we had a very pleasant cooperation. At last, thanks to all students with your support and abundant originalities.

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