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2022墨西哥ESCUCHA MI VOZ国际海报大赛作品征集
作者: 墨西哥ESCUCHA MI VOZ国际海报大赛组委会 来源: 视觉同盟 时间: 2022年3月15日

2022墨西哥ESCUCHA MI VOZ国际海报比赛征集


大赛主题:根 — 保持和尊重全球文化认同

International jury

orge Gamboa - México
Olga Severina - USA
Irwan Harnoko - Indonesia
Wang Zhijun - China王志俊 中国
Helen Baranovska(Ukraine)


1.- All designers, graphic artists, visual and plastic artists or unrestricted age and gender may participate. Each participant will be able to submit up to 10 posters.

2.- Requires registration in page starting March 8th 2022. Please see our privacy notice before registering link. System generates an account which requires your activation by clicking a link send to your email, please be sure to review your spam and be sure to have our email account in your address book to avoid this delay. However, if you have any trouble do not hesitate to contact us.
2.- 2022年3月8日起,可以在www.escuchamivoz.org 页面注册。请在注册前查看我们的隐私声明。系统将生成一个帐户,需要您通过点击一个链接激活发送到您的电子邮件,请务必查看您的垃圾邮件,确保在您的通讯簿中有我们的电子邮件帐户,以避免错过时间。当然,如果您有任何问题,请随时与我们联系。

3.- Should send their poster (s) through the same website as far: 2953 x 4134 pixels at 150 dpi in RGB (50 x 70 cm at 150 dpi in RGB). VERTICAL FORMAT.  in JPG Format not longer than 10MB per poster. The posters that are sent without meeting this requirement will be disqualified and lose the opportunity to spend the jury process.
3.-每位参赛者作品由同一网络账号发送。海报格式要求:2953 x 4134像素(50x70cm),RGB模式、分辨率为150 dpi,竖版,JPG格式,每张海报不超过10MB。不符合此要求的海报将被取消资格,并失去参加评审的机会。

4.- It is very important to carefully read the BRIEF and most of the FRAMEWORK also the informative links that expose and deepen on ROOTS (respect to CULTURE IDENTITY all nations) this will give you the knowledge on the subject and is highly valuable material for conception and development of your ideas.
4.-仔细阅读后面的简介和主题内容的信息链接,这一点很重要,它揭示和深化了 “根(尊重民族文化认同)”这一主题,您将获得关于该主题的知识,并将对您构思的形成及发展提供宝贵的材料。

5.- The call will be open from March 18th until August 20, 2022.

 6.- We do not grant cash awards or material goods. The best 50 posters will be selected by an international jury and will be part of traveling exhibitions inside the country and probably in other countries in the world (You can have a poster exhibition in your country if you want! – write to us for further information to: posters@escuchamivoz.org).
6. 组委会不提供现金或物质奖励。由国际评委们评审评选出50张最佳海报作为最终入选的参展作品,并将成为国内外巡回展览的一部分(如果你愿意,你可以在你的国家举办海报展览!写信给我们以获取更多信息:posters@escuchamivoz.org)。

7.- The jury will meet online during the month of August - September 2022.  If your poster is selected you will have an electronic copy without cost (The printed version of this edition will be under demandwe will let yu know once book can be able through an international print services worlwide services).
7. 评审团将于 2022年8月-9月在线评审。如果您的海报入选,您将免费获得此次海报展作品集的电子版。如果您需要本次海报展的印刷品,您需要自行承担和支付运费。(画册视赞助情况而定,但我们将提供电子版)。

8.- Also, if you send to us a poster and you are not selected we will send to you an electronic certificate by e-mail. If you are a selected designer your certificate will be send you electronically.

9.- Posters must be sent from your authorship. By submitting your (s) sign (s) you confirm that the design was done by you and does not contain elements that could damage the intellectual property of a third party.
9. 海报设计必须原创,请通过提交您的签名确认设计是由您独立完成的,而且不包含可能损害第三方知识产权的元素。

10.- By submitting your poster to this contest, assign the rights to admit: A Toda Voz A.C. for your (s) sign (s) are used (s) to be displayed (s), promoted (s), broadcast (s), and / or published (s) in any print or electronic media, for education , advocacy, outreach and fundraising for all activities related to this contest.
10. 对于您在本次竞赛所提交的海报作品,组委会享有以下权利:可用于印刷或在电子媒体上展示、宣传、 传播;可用于与本次竞赛相关的教育、宣传、推广和筹款等所有活动。

11.- Each author is responsible for his work and at all times retains the right to ownership of his work and will always be recognized and announced. We will notify you whenever your work will be displayed, reproduced or disseminated in any form.
11. 每位参赛者都要对其作品负责,并始终保留其作品的所有权。作品将来以任何形式展示,复制或传播等,我们都将通知参赛者。

12.- Please do not post your (s) sign (s) in social networks until the jury has given its verdict.
12. 在评审团做出裁决之前,请不要在社交网络上发布签署参赛者名字的作品。

13.- Posters must be original but not necessarily unpublished.
13. 海报必须是原创的,但不一定是未发表的。

14.- The names of the selected designers will be announced during the month of September 2022.
14. 入选设计师名单将于 2022 年 9月公布。

15.- The exhibitions will start from October - november 2022 and we will go announcing the schedule as it develops the agenda of the venues.
15. 展览将在 2022年 10月至11月进行,届时我们将公布包括详细时间表的展览日程。


In times of technological immersion and evident lack of respect for forms of expression and life different from our own, it is imperative to recognize the importance of preserving cultural identity in all corners of the world and to recognize the richness that this brings us as human beings to exercise the ability to live in peace and in constant harmonic creation. Returning to the roots is essential to recognize ourselves and preserve our ability to imagine in order to built futures of peace, rich in imagination, respect and diverse knowledge. This is the space to show the world through your poster how the art and culture of your country raises its voice for respect and peace for all peoples.

Inspirational causes: art, native peoples, indigenous languages, music, nature, gastronomy, fauna and flora, legends, poetry, crafts, embroidery, looms, calligraphy, traditions, religion.





Cultural identity is made up of a series of behaviors, manifestations and artistic expressions arising from the practice of everyday life of an individual or group of these in a given time or territoriality. In this sense, any set of traits and behaviors adopted and/or constructed by a society are part of cultural identity. These manifestations are part of the considered Intangible Heritage of a specific nation or region. In 2016, the executive director of the Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Latin America (Crespial), Silvia Rosa Martínez, declared for EFE magazine:
“All cultural expressions are threatened in the future by globalization. The homogenization of culture by different technologies will cause some practices to be lost over time”.

Silvia Rosa Martínez - Executive Director of the Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Latin America (Crespial).


2016年,联合国教科文组织拉丁美洲保护非物质文化遗产地区中心(简称CRESPIAL)主任Silvia Rosa Martínez在EFE杂志上称: “未来,受全球化的影响,一切现存文化表现形式将受到威胁。随着时间的推移,科技造成的文化均质化将导致一些风俗习惯消失贻尽。”(来自2016年智利网站: Cooperativacl 2016)

According to the expert, this is the result of the dynamics of modernization and globalization that affect culture from its different dimensions of expression and practice: "The local crafts that are produced in Costa Rica are objects that can be found in Chile, Argentina, Peru, or they are even made in China or Taiwan.” (Cooperativa.cl 2016). We could also extrapolate this reflection towards culinary practice; the consumption of food, cultivation and its different ways of preparing it, typical of a region, is replaced by the dynamics of the market and consumption (Amigo 2008. Leisure Studies. Deusto University) as a consequence of modernization.
This impacts on an imminent loss of diversity and, therefore, of respect for the different forms of expression among human beings, which almost imperceptibly reduces the value of differences and the richness that respect for diversity brings us culturally as human beings, even for our own survival. Article 2 of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (November 2001), From cultural diversity to cultural pluralism, highlights the importance of recognizing, protecting, motivating and guaranteeing the diversity of cultural manifestations, as part of the exercise of the human rights of citizens worldwide and as a fundamental element for social cohesion and the construction of peace among human beings:

“In our increasingly diversified societies, it is essential to guarantee harmonious interaction and a willingness to coexist of people and groups with cultural identities that are plural, varied and dynamic at the same time. Policies that favor the integration and participation of all citizens guarantee social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peace. Defined in this way, cultural pluralism constitutes the political response to the fact of cultural diversity. Inseparable from a democratic context, cultural pluralism is conducive to cultural exchanges and the development of creative capacities that feed public life”. (UNESCO Portal November 2001).



“第2条— 从文化多样性到文化多元化


MEXICO AT MADRID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep_mkakuBdM
VIENA AT SPAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTIiHedh2J8&list=RDwTIiHedh2J8&start_radio=1
ITALY AT ARGENTINA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kJt2CRzCYE
USA AT RUSSIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IE3ReeXpAc

EUROPEAN CULTURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiQIAu6SZbQ

The importance of intercultural awareness | Mynd & Testo
Embracing Diversity
Don´t put people in boxes.
Why Culture Matters | #COP26
Respecting the differences between people | Mariana Chartier | TEDxYouth@BSCR
Art in Our Everyday Lives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtdjd0L4uO0

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